Why Biopas

One-Stop Solution Provider for all of Latin America

Biopas has developed a turnkey solution to accelerate growth of pharma companies in Latin America, as the “Partner of Choice” to launch and develop products in the region. Biopas is focused on de-risking these emerging markets territories, providing unmatched market access and revenue opportunities for its partners.

Biopas removes significant management disruption by eliminating complexity and time costs associated with doing business and closing deals on a country by country basis.

Biopas Capabilities

Support functions are operated under SAP platform with one single standard and audited by third parties

  • Specialized and dedicated sales force supported by a cross-functional team
  • Strong company relationships with KOLs and through leadership position in therapeutical areas
  • Unique and product specific sales technique adapted to visits through varying channels (face-to-face & digital)
  • A digital marketing in-house agency allowing flexibility and agility in our communication
  • Productivity analysis of marketing strategies, share of voice, and top of mind

Biopas regional presence through own affiliates